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Rurutu Humpback Whale Watching (Megaptera novaeangliae) Every year at the South Pole, as the austral winter settles in and ice forms, krill (the small shrimp whales feed upon) becomes scarcer, triggering the whales’ great departure.. This migration to warmer waters will last a month for an estimated 5 to 6 000 km. The humpback whales will spend 3 to 4 months there, during which the males will search for mates and gestating females will give birth. The calm waters of Rurutu, part of the Austral Islands, appeal to certain whales in search of a tranquil environment. The mothers may stay there several weeks with their newborns before resuming their travel back to Antarctica.

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Whale Watching This is in Rurutu that since 1996, from mid-July to late October, the Raie Manta Club organizes boat trips around the island to discover the giant of the seas. Eric Leborgne, your guide will take you through a unique and exceptional tour. The work of the guide is to respect the animal ensuring not to stress or to bother him. It has been observed that the whales had sleepiness phases where not moving. It is during these phases that your guide will allow you to approach in the water, as quietly as possible, equipped only with fins, mask and snorkel. You will be privileged to witness a fascinating and unforgettable sight.

"As a specialist in cetaceans, my approach is to educate the public about these animals, one of the remains of our heritage, too often neglected."

Whale Watching Program During active phases of the animals, the comments will be from the boat where you can shoot your way, jumps and other aerial demonstrations of our acrobats ... This activity is open to all and requires no particular experience or aquatic fitness. It allows you to associate the surface observation and meeting underwater with whales. We are the only ones in the world to offer observations of this quality, combining the expertise and experience of your guide, water clarity and proximity to the coast of cetaceans. Our team works closely with photographers, videographers and TV crews from around the world (France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Japan, USA, Italy ...) from surface and palm-mask-tuba humpback whales observation Film shooting Private boat Random our outings, some cetacean species have been observed around the island: sperm whales, minke whales, sei whales, pilot whales, beaked whales, melon-headed whales, false killer whales, spinner dolphins, Risso's dolphins
Manta birostris
Dauphin Tursiop - Photo: Andreas Bödecker
Equipment Full equipment (fins, mask, snorkel and 3mm full suit) and oilskins are available. Our boat: a "poti marara" local manufacture of 27-foot boat, turbo-diesel 200 hp.We urge you to bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, but also warm clothes and windproof.The sea can be rough in this season; it is advisable for people prone to seasickness to bring the right products.
Poisson Perroquet - Photo:Eric Leborgne
Rates - Discovery of whale Rurutu - September
2 boat trips each day - 7/7 - Morning around 9:00 am - Afternoon around 14:00
Maximum 7 people on board - from 12 years - Water temperature: 22-24 degrees Celsius
Equipment provided: Piece Combination of 3 mm, mask, fins and snorkel.
boat trips per person> (About 2:30 am transfer from your hotel and equipment included)
Resident rate:
Thank you to note that there is no possible diving with whales Rurutu> Only snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) from the surface. No authorized apnea.
Space is limited on the boat it is necessary to book in advance.
We are at your disposal for any further information.

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