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Tuamotu archipelago
Photo : Eric Leborgne

   Tikehau island is 20 min away from Rangiroa by plane, and about 50 min from Papeete.
An atoll of untamed charm, it encircles a lagoon 26 kilometers wide, and opens up to the ocean through the Tuheiava pass.

When Cousteau and his team assessed the biological diversity of the Polynesian atolls in 1987, the Tikehau lagoon was found to be richest in fish species of the lower atolls. Yves Lefevre created the Raie Manta Club in 1993. Today the club is open everyday of the year. The center's chief instructor BEES 1 and certified underwater guide, invites you to discover the fauna and flora of the island.

The diving center of Tikehau
Diving flag
Our Dive Schedule :
Tikehau's boat
    From 8h to 12h :- exploration dive - 2 tank dives
Royal angel fish
  10h00 - first dive, diving lessons, review dives.
Dive sites are between 20 and 30 minutes away by boat, excepting a few locations in the Lagoon.
We also offer snorkeling expeditions, with fins, mask, and snorkels . This activity, which does not require a high level of experience and is open to all, allows non-divers to discover the undersea charms of this miniature atoll.
Our boat :
a poti marara, local boat
24 feet, 2X 100 CH
enduro Yamaha 4T.
Map of the diving sites of Tikehau
The diving sites :
Turtle  - Photo : Andreas Bödecker
  1°) Tuheiva pass : This dive takes place with the incoming tidal current. Manta rays are
    often there to greet the current, as well as huge schools of pompanos. A little further in the Pass,
    you can observe about a dozen or so whitetip reef sharks nestled together under a rocky outcropping. 
    2°) Right corner : nice wall rich of schools of fish, barracudas, caranx, lutjans, surgeon fishes, etc...
    3°) Left corner : Amidst the napoleon fish, the majestic manta rays come to Mara to rid
Parrot fish - Photo : Eric Leborgne
   themselves of small parasites by little cleaner fish. Mara is also a good place to run
   into whitetip Reef sharks (Carcharrhinus albimarginatus).
    4°) Turtle refuge : Escorted by dolphins, our boat will anchor above a dip in the sea floor used as
    a nocturnal refuge by sea turtles. This dip in the reef allows the diver to observe numerous species
   in a small area. This is an easy dive in relatively shallow waters (18 meters), but unmatched for
    the diversity of species observed.
Tursiops - Photo : Andreas Bödecker
    5°) Raira Cave : Formed by a long fault in the coral reef, Raira Cave shelters many grey
 sharks. Barracudas and hundreds of snappers are also present.
    6°) Hina' s Bell : This is a deep dive (45 meters), restricted to experienced divers. This is where you can
    observe the big fish, such as tunas, marlins, or whitetip reef sharks.
Equipment :
       We offer you the complete Scubapro equipment list: (shorty 3mm, Buoyancy Control Devices (BCDs), second stage, fins, masks, snorkels , weight belts).
    Nevertheless, we recommend that experienced divers bring their own equipment.( 5kg overweight luggage exemption on presentation
      of your diving card at Air Tahiti registration desk - local flight)
.Eagle ray
  We do not provide electronic consoles or depth meters.Our pressure station is equipped with two Bauer compressors.
Diving programs :
  You will marvel at the diversity of schools of fish in Tikehau, such as pompanos, snappers, barracudas, emperors, pterois, etc…
    There are also larger fish present.
 Most dives take place in the Passe of Tuheiava and are coordinated with tidal currents.
In the blue - Tikehau
  We offer dives designed for every level of expertise :
    - Exploration
    - Initiation dive, first dive
    - Kids dive (8 years old minimum)
      - Dive school with international certificates.
        ( minimum 12 years old)    
    - Snorkeling (fins, mask, breathing tube).    
With equipment :
Without equipment (only tank & weight belt) :
    -1 exploration dive:      - 1 exploration dive:
      -2 tank dives :      - Pack 5 dives :


Sliver tips shark  - Photo : Andreas Bödecker
    -10 dives Pack :      - Pack 10 dives :
     (available for couples)      
Take care ,there is no bank or automatic teller machine on the island.
    -Add. dive for the pack 10 :
We accept only cash (CFP, Euros and dollars).
    -First dive, school, review dive
Packs are valid for RAIE MANTA CLUB centers of TIKEHAU and RANGIROA
  -Snorkeling :
  3 Island Package Rangi/Tikehau/Rurutu
  Rangi/Tikehau dive:
    gear included:                      
    tank and weight belt only:    
  Rurutu whale watching:          
Accommodation :
Sunrise on Tikehau
Wild Tikehau - Photo : Pascal Bigler
Visitors to Tikehau can choose from a wide array of pensions or hotels, which you can
contact by telephone or fax :
    Aito Motel - Tel/fax : 87 96 22 47
    Pension Hotu - Tel/fax : 87 96 22 89
    Panau Lagon  - Tel/fax : 87 96 22 99
 Tursiops - Photo : Andreas Bödecker
    Pension Tematie - Tel/fax : 87 96 22 65
    Tikehau Village - Tel/fax : 87 96 22 86
    Tevaihi Village - Tel/fax 87 96 23 04
Contact us :

Tel : 87 21 03 43 - 87 723 145

Emails: info@raiemantaclub.com    raiemantaclub@gmail.com


BP 55 Avatoru - 98775 RANGIROA - Polynésie Française.